Kittens for Adoption

Okay, I know you were thinking Aby kittens but here is another option.


First some background. These are kittens borne of a feral mother. She gave birth to these kittens in a hollowed out trunk of a tree on our property. All became sick with a upper respiratory infection, three had the infection move into their eyes. We removed the kittens from the mother who with the help of the Ulster County ASPCA was trapped and spayed. We have, with the help and support of our excellent vet, Dr Cannan,  intensively treated these kittens and all have fully recovered. The side benefit was that the hours we spent treating and caring for these kittens each day allowed them to become very socialized. They are every bit as friendly as one of our Aby kittens.


So now we need to find homes for these rascals (see pics below). If you are looking for an Aby but the price is too steep have we got a deal for you. Or how about you want to have a a second cat to keep your cat company? We are willing to adopt these kittens out to good homes for free.


These kittens are and continue to be raised like one of our Abys and they will also be vet checked by our vet, same as our Aby kittens. In addition they will receive all the shots appropriate for there age at the time of adoption.


We estimate that they are 6-7 weeks old now. They are already fully litterbox trained.


(updated 7/20/17) The kittens are approximately 8 weeks old this week. They received their first kitten shots yesterday and visited our vet, Dr Diana Cannan, this morning for a well kitten check up. Three things should be noted, first they rode in the car like angels. Second,  they were quiet and seemed to enjoy seeing the vet clinic and third, they passed their vet exam with flying colors (see well kitten forms below).


If interested contact us and arrange a visit. These are great kittens


Here are the kittens. Also see more photos here and don't forget to check out the videos here.