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About Us & Our Cattery
David and Mindy

Hi, Mindy (one on the right) and Dave (one on the left) here.


We live on a small farm in Clintondale, NY, in the Hudson Valley's apple country. We have been breeding CFA registered Abys since 1996. If your are in our area call and schedule a visit (Contact Us), we open our home to all who are interested in owning an Aby kitten. 


We and one of our friends home raise CFA registered Abyssinian cats.  While the kittens that are raised by us always remain in our home, the kittens that are raised by Corey come to us when they are 10 weeks old, two weeks before they are offered to their new homes. During these two weeks they get accustomed to their new surrounding and get socialized to new adults (human and feline). If the timing is right the new kittens also play with the kittens we raise here. Although it was not part of our original thinking we discovered that this 'double' socialization seemed to help these kittens in adjusting to their new owner's homes.


For those who are distant from us we ship worldwide. However we do hope you can visit to see our cats and their surroundings firsthand.