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The topics covered below, in our opinion, are important considerations for those who are seeking to acquire an Abyssinian as a pet. The information provided is a combination of acquired knowledge and personal experience. Were feasible links to source information will be given. Those seeking information about Abyssinians should not rely on a single source for information but should instead solicit information from many sources especially their veterinarian.


The health of your Aby should be your highest priority. How you accomplish this over the life of your Aby should be simple, but unfortunately it is not. Like many topics in the cat fancy, you will find many strong opinions. Furthermore web-based information although plentiful is not always current or correct. It is up to you to become an informed Aby owner. To this end we have attempted in the following webpages to give you some basic information on a variety of health topics. More importantly we have provided, where feasible, web links to sites that will provide in-depth subject information.


Information found on the web should never be used as a substitute for your vet. Rather use this information to become more feline health knowledgeable. This will make you a better observer of your cat's health and it will expedite the discussions your have with your vet since he/she will not have to spend time explaining the basics. Additionally, by skipping the basics your vet will be more willing to explain some of the more complex aspects of feline health care.

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