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How to Buy an Aby

The topics covered below, in our opinion, are important considerations for those who are seeking to acquire an Abyssinian as a pet. The information provided is a combination of acquired knowledge, personal experience, and opinion.  Those seeking information about Abyssinians should not rely on a single source for information but should instead solicit information from many sources especially their veterinarian.


Whether you buy from us or another breeder, the important things are that you find an Aby that meets your expectation and that you establish a connection with a breeder that will be a source of information and support after the purchase. We hope you find the information below helpful.

Aby Personality
Aby Color & Size
Pet vs Show/ Breed
Abys & Dogs?
Abys & Other Cats
Choosing a Breeder
Visiting a Breeder
Choosing a Kitten
How We Make Our Abys