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Pet vs Show/ Breed


For those who are not familiar with the terms show and pet, a show quality Aby will be a cat  which meets, as closely as possible, the breed standard set by a pedigreed cat registry(e.g. CFA standard, TICA standard).


If you currently show or showing is in your future, just ask us, we can help. We don't show but we put a lot of time and effort into our breeding program and have produced many championship cats.


For those interested in a pet, pet quality doesn’t mean a less healthy or less good looking cat, rather pet quality denotes a cat that possesses subtle physical differences (e.g. ear placement, shade of undercoat, stripes) that would not make it a suitable candidate for showing. Unless you’re experienced in showing cats, it is very unlikely that you will notice the subtle difference between show and pet quality.



We do sell cats with breeding rights granted but we do so only to reputable breeders or to new breeders who are being mentored by reputable breeders. If you're interested in purchasing an Aby from us with breeding rights granted you may be asked to provide references.


Cats sold as pets may also be of the same quality as show(i.e. equal to show in appearance) but breeding rights are not granted, they must be spayed/neutered. We don't price discriminate, so simply put if you select a show quality kitten as a pet, you will pay the pet price but you will forfeit breeding rights. This doesn't prevent you from showing your Aby as you may show he/she in altered classes.