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Choosing a Breeder

First you need to find a breeder. You found us and hopefully you'll choose us. If we don't have any kitten's available and you wish to continue your search rather than wait there are several websites that sites (e.g. FBRL, Cattery Search) where you can find a listing of breeders. Keep in mind that none of these websites qualify a breeder. It is up to you to determine whether a breeder is good or bad. Fortunately even an inexperienced kitten buyer can learn much about a breeder just by visiting them.

A buyer should select a local breeder or be willing to travel. Avoid  buying an Aby at a cat show (where everything looks good) or meeting someone on the road (i.e. to save the driving distance). This deprives you of a very important piece of information which is knowing what kind of environment your kitten was raised in during his/her's critical period of socialization.

The breeder you decide to work with should be easy to communicate with and open to your questions. If you need to ask follow-up questions he/she should be easy to contact. If you have trouble connecting before the sale, imagine how difficult it will be after.

When you select a breeder, make sure a health guarantee is offered. Most health guarantees will specify a short time period were the kitten may be returned often no questions asked and another longer period that addresses genetic related disorders.

We provide a health guarantee and we vet check all of our kittens. All new owners receive a health certificate for their kitten from our vet. We also require the new owner to have their kitten checked by their own vet. If our vet missed something we want to know immediately so we can put it right.

You may also see breeders who advertise a 'cattery of excellence' designation. You would be ill served if you used this designation as the sole criterion for selecting a breeder. What these designations typically indicate is that on the day of the inspection, a veterinarian (usually the breeder's vet) found that the cats on the premises were adequately fed, watered and housed and that appropriate cleaning and disinfecting agents are on hand, etc. Whether the conditions seen on inspection day are a consistent characteristic of the cattery is not known. Caging is not restricted, all cats and kittens may be caged. Good breeders with or without any special designations will keep their catteries clean and sanitary daily plus they will work hard to raise well socialized kittens and cats. You must visit the cattery and judge for yourself.