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Here are some links to websites we think may be of interest to you.

National Aby Rescue National Aby Rescue
Willing to consider a rescue Aby? Contact the NAR they have Abys that need good homes. Please  don't assume that these Abys are sickly cast-offs. Many homeless Abys are victims of circumstances such as the death of their breeder or a family move. Check them out.
Purebred Cat Breed Rescue Purebred Cat Breed Rescue
Here is another source for rescues, consider them too! Also, they need donations, click the 'Make a Donation' tab on their homepage 
Our Vets Our Vets
Diana Haight, DVM is our vet. We've had several vets through the years but she is far above any we ever had. Quite simply she is the best so if you live anywhere near Pougkeepsie, NY consider using her clinic.
CFA Abyssinian Breed Standard CFA Abyssinian Breed Standard
TICA Abyssinian Breed Standard TICA Abyssinian Breed Standard
patkellyartist.com patkellyartist.com
Pat is a friend of ours who shares our love of cats and horses. She applies her art to both of these. So if you're interested in a painting that will capture your favorite feline visit her site. She will do commissions.