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Welcome, on this page we will tell you what has been updated on this site and inform you of other cattery news. And while we try our best no cattery is problem free so along with the good we'll also mention the bad.  Email comments and questions to: dave@highgait.com

July 13th

 Pictures have been added of Lady Gaga's first litter, one male ruddy kitten! He was born on May 17th, and luckily has been adopted by Cider who has three kittens so he has learned to have siblings & two moms. Check out our Current Litters page for pictures of this very cute boy!

Click for Lady Gaga's Litter


February 6th

Highgaitpaws Lady Gaga and Highgaitpaws Perfect Storm (AKA Blossom) have been added to our Queens page. Also more pictures of Blew Away have been added to her Queens page. Pictures are up of Colette's litter, so check out our Current Litters page! Blew Away gave birth last night to three kittens, one red and two blues. Check back for pictures soon!


January 31st

Our Pedigrees page has been updated, and our Queens page will soon also be updated! Kitten pictures are coming of Colette's litter of three, 2 ruddy and 1 blue, born on January 3rd. Blew Away is also expecting kittens very soon!

November 15th

Pictures are up of Cider's growing kittens, as well as Chit Chat's new litter of three ruddy boys, born October 19th!

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October 27th

Pictures are up of Cider's new kittens! She gave birth to two boys and two girls.

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June 25th

Updates are up on the litters page, more pictures of Annabelle's girls, as well as Blew Away's new litter of four! Also on our studs page, Detrevande's Jesse has been added!

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Click for Blew Away's Litter

Click for Detrevande's Jesse

May 16th

New pictures have been added to Annabelle's litter, both kittens are growing quickly!

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May 12th

Jessie, our new tom cat from Holland, has sired his first two litters! The first is with Chit Chat, who gave birth to two girls and one boy on April 18th. The second litter is with Cider, who had three boys and one girl on May 2nd. Pictures of all the kitten litters are up on the Current Litters page!

Click for Chat's Litter

Click for Cider's Litter

April 21st

Annabelle had a litter on March 23rd of two red girls, sired by 1st Edition. Pictures are up of the little kittens, so check out our Current Litters Page!

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February 27th

Pictures of Colette's first litter, one happy, healthy, red girl, have been put up! Check out the Current Litters!

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February 1st

New pictures have been added to Owner's  Gallery VI of Ronnie and Larry's three happy Abys, Tempi, Kingy, and Zayanya! Also our youngest queen, Colette (Daughter of Chit Chat) has had her firdt litter, one fawn kitten. Pictures will be up soon!

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