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How We Make & Raise Our Abys


Our females and kittens share the same living area as us. All our kittens are born and raised outside of cages. Usually the kittens are born in a bedroom on top of a bed. This makes it convienent for us to monitor them. If there are two litters then the moms will be separate (e.g. one in the bedroom, one in the den).


When birth is close we place a comfortable “donut” (see pic) on our bed or in a space that the Queen prefers. We midwife the births so we can respond instantly to a problem. This can make for some long nights.


We give both kittens and mom constant attention. We handle the kittens immediately for health checks and weighting. This starts the process of socializing them to humans. Kittens are blind and deaf at birth but they can smell.


The kittens are weighted every 12 hours just to make sure everything is going well. If all is going well this is the easiest time for us since mom takes care of everything and we mean everything.


When the kittens are old enough to start moving about and  if they are on the bed they will get moved to the floor. We don’t want them to tumble off the bed at this age.


Soon they are tasting gourmet foods and litter box training begins. Just like anxious parents we monitor and attempt to anticipate their need to use the toilet and assist them in finding the litter box. Still mom does most of the work, we just take the credit.


Once mobile, i.e. their paws and legs begin to act in coordination, they quickly begin to scamper about. We and their mom limit how far they can travel. They don't know about feet and closing doors yet and they are too small to find out. At 8 weeks old they really start to explore and are allowed to introduce themselves to the resident Abys. It isn't always a pleasant experience for them and some need to be shown their place. Even so they are full of energy, hunger and sleep and they experience all three in abundance.


Our kittens are vaccinated at 8 and 12 weeks of age. We usually keep the kittens for 12 -14 weeks, we do not let our kittens go earlier. If we keep them longer they will be vaccinated for rabies and after 16 weeks of age, their third and final kitten core vaccination.


All kittens are examined by our vet who issues a health certificate for each kitten. In addition as a condition of purchase you will also be required to have your vet examine your new kitten.