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Visiting a Breeder


If it is us we will schedule a time where you can come and see our cats and their surroundings firsthand. Short notice visits are usually possible, just call to make sure we are around. Whoever you visit, try to arrange a visit prior to the purchase date of your kitten as it removes any pressure to buy and if you see something you don't like you need not return, simple.


Do some homework before you visit. Read about the breed, especially the health issues. Talk with your vet before the visit so you'll be fully prepared.  


To be fair to the health concerns of the breeder do not  attempt to visit more than one breeder in a given day. You may inadvertently carry a disease from the first cattery to the second. Also if you have cats at home please make sure you come in clothes that are not laden with your cat's hair. Not that any cat breeder has a problem with cat hair, it is just that your cat may be a ringworm carrier and the hairs from your pet could carry this disease.


At the time of your visit the kittens will either be quite active or quite sleepy. They usually play real hard and then cat nap, no surprises here. If the kitten is in a play mode, a visitor may make mistake this behavior as a lack of affection and assume the kitten is less friendly. If they’re kitten napping, they may assume the kitten is not playful. Both assumptions are influenced by the kitten’s current state. Give them some time and see the full cycle.


The key to judging how well socialized these kittens are is to observe whether they come toward the guests or hide from them. The adults should act in a similar manner too.


If you visit us we don’t hurry you, most visits take 2-3 hours and a return visit isn’t unwelcome. Sit, have a cup of coffee and experience an Aby.