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Abys and Dogs

In general the self confident attitude of an Aby allows them to coexist with dogs quite well. We have a border collie so all of our kittens have been acclimated to an active dog. Corey has a French Bulldog, the kittens she raises know about an ugly but very endearing dog. Since all our kittens spend time with us, all get some dog exposure.

In general, this is a good thing as it makes it easier to introduce your new Aby into a home were they may have to share their living space with a dog. It should be noted that because our Abys are no longer fearful of dogs the consequences could be fatal if your Aby meets up with an aggressive dog, e.g. escapes from your home. Furthermore you should be equally careful about allowing any visitor to your home with a dog.

Just because a cat has become accustom to dogs it does not mean that their relationship will be problem free. Personality changes and conflicts can occur especially if either pet becomes jealous of the attention paid to the other. Before you introduce additional pets into your home make sure you have the time in your schedule to give them the attention they need.