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Our Opinion: Feline Health



Reference: Our Health History, Cat Age Calculator, Aging Cats 

Health is our number one priority. You can't have a happy, well socialized Aby if it is sick. We keep a closed cattery (i.e. we don't show our Abys), we keep our home clean, and we keep a small (for a cattery) number of cats. To further minimize stress we strive to keep only a population of Abys that will get along with each other, this is sometimes easier said than done.

Additionally we devote many hours keeping current with the latest news in feline healthcare. We also consult and visit regularly with our vet to help insure that are cats are as healthy as can be. To make sure no one has missed anything, if you purchase one of our kittens you will also be required to have this kitten examined by your vet to make doubly sure you have received a healthy Aby.

Still we want everyone to have a realistic view on feline health and with that, life expectancy. First Abys are purebreds, they draw from a limited gene pool. This helps their consistency (body type, personality, etc.) but it also means that they are at a genetic disadvantage as compared to cross-bred cats. Secondly, we've all heard of cats living past 20 years of age but that's equivalent to a 100+ year old human. How likely is that? Felines age at faster rates than humans. (see above links).

We don't know of any good life expectancy statistics for Abys but in general cats are thought to enter into old age at 10 years. Please don't presume a life expectancy that is unrealistic.

To give your cat the best chance for a long high quality life give it a stress free environment, good food and good and regular vet care.