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Aby Personality


In general...

Abys are one of the most friendly breeds of cats. They are also one of the most active. Abys will not ask, they will demand your attention. Woe to the human that ignores them. They are very persistent and while we are at it they are very controlling. They will imperceptibly begin to control your actions. They will make you feed them, open doors for them and they will even teach you that it is alright for them to climb atop your counters and your cabinets (they love heights). They will also let you share 'your' bed with them. Like most cats they like it warm so don't be surprised if they crawl under the covers with you. And by the way they may want a midnight snack so you would be well advised to stand your ground when they ask unless you like to get up every night in the middle of the night


Who is friendlier?

Perceptions, many folks think that females are the most affectionate and/or the most playful. We don’t have any scientific evidence to support which sex is dominant in either of these traits but what we do advise is for you to judge the kitten without these biases. Since many of you won’t be able to tell the sex of a kitten anyway, you can begin your selection uninfluenced by gender.

Environmental factors

Perhaps the most important personality consideration is the environment the kitten was raised in. We raise our kittens in a home environment, we share our living space with them. It takes a bit more time and effort but it is worth it and anyway it is a labor of love. Of course sometimes these Abys can be rascals.


Some of the queens we have purchased were cage raised and we can see the difference. Generally Abys are so affectionate that unless you're experienced or have two Abys, one cage raised and one home raised, you will likely not perceive a difference.


What you can do.

Felines have a 12 week period of socialization. This is the most important period in their lives where they get acquainted with their surroundings whether it be humans, dogs or even vacuum cleaners. We do our best to acclimate them while they are here but this doesn't mean that a new owner should think that the socialization job is done and they can just sit back.

 Abys should be interacted with often, you can't handle them too much. Many of our cat stands allow us to scoop up an resting Aby without bending. So as we go from one room to another we often grab one as we are passing through, even if it is just for a minute. We also hold them in a variety of positions, often cradled in our arms or allow them to rest on our shoulder as we walk about. Don't worry about holding them in some 'correct' position, they're very bendable. Just watch them sleeping sometimes, they can curl up into the most uncomfortable looking positions imaginable