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Feline Health - General

A pet owner's primary source of information concerning their pet's health and well being should be their veterinarian. The information provided here is not a substitute for veterinary care. In all matters pertaining to the care and treatment of a pet a veterinarian must always be consulted first.

There are many health related considerations in owning a cat. While preventative care and daily care are important so is awareness of disease and parasites. Transmissions paths can be complex: cat to cat, human to cat (e.g. contaminated clothing, shoes)  and from the environment to cat. A cat can be exposed to health risks at the cattery, its new home or even at a vet clinic. Since many feline diseases are spread cat-to-cat, owners should be especially careful in allowing their cat to come into contact with other cats. 

The topics below, we hope, will assist you in increasing your knowledge and in so doing help you keep your Aby healthy.

Selecting a Vet
Feline Health Costs
Pet Health Insurance
Feline Health - Multi Cat
Feline Parasites

What to Feed Your Cat
Cat Toxins
Online Health Resources